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Time is money

We believe with the right technology, less time means more money!

We believe technology should be used to aid man in their endeavors – as a tool to supplement human knowledge and expertise, not replace it.

Neo Precision supplies Drone Aerial Surveys technology to the Mining, Construction and Agriculture sectors.

Why use Drone imaging technology in the construction sector?

Save Project Time and boost Productivity with Rapid Data Collection

Drone technology has the potential to rapidly and accurately collect vast amounts of data about your project that can lead you to valuable insight into your large-scale operation.

Drones are quickly replacing traditional forms of data collection in the construction industry, with great results. So, what does this mean for you? Your project can be completed on a much shorter timeline, also making it much easier to stay within budget.

Drone technology can save countless man hours on your surveys, uncovering risks before they become potentially costly.

Gain insights to boost your bottom line

An aerial perspective can provide unparalleled insight, and allow a level of unprecedented control over any of your large scale projects.

If knowledge is power, then an aerial perspective is prodigious power.

How can I benefit from using a drone on my farmland?

By identifying pests, disease, and fertilizer issues with multi-spectral imagery, you can stomp out problems before they get out of hand. In fact, the detailed data that drones produce can help you to spot problems before they are even visible to the naked eye! This empowers you to make proactive decisions to eradicate problems and preserve your precious resources.

You can target specific problem areas, with a much greater level of precision than traditional methods, thereby limiting the costs of pest control to those areas that need it most. These aerial maps can also be uploaded to your tractors or self-guided machinery to ensure accurate output.

Prevention is always better than cure, especially when it is measured in hectares.

What are the advantages of aerial surveys for mining operations?

A 3D model of your quarry speeds up planning of future expansion and construction of roads and infrastructure. Meaning you can get down to business much sooner.

You can also do slope analysis, minimising safety risks on your site. Furthermore, activity planning is given a boost as you are also able to get a much better picture of what is happening on the ground.

From the data captured we are able to provide:

  • Orthomosaic and Contour maps
  • Digital Surface and Terrain Models
  • 3D model and Point Cloud – for advanced analysis and planning
  • Stockpile volume measurements.


Here are a few more common questions about Drone Aerial Surveys. Any further queries? Get in Touch!

Can drones improve stockpile volume monitoring?
You know that accurate monitoring of your stockpile volumes is crucial to the success of your project. Whether you are checking to make sure you have enough resources to cover a particular area, or report on your inventory, precise and efficient measurement of stockpiles can make all the difference to your business.

Drone mapping provides a radically faster, more cost-effective way to calculate both cut and fill volumes, while still maintaining the accuracy of traditional measurement methods.

How can drones help to complete my project faster?
As a project manager, Drone imagery can assist you with project management, planning, and even design. Drones  provide you with significant savings right through the lifecycle of your project.

You are able to gather real-time data and meticulously track project progress. Which means an obvious saving to you, as you are able to accurately plan, communicate and keep projects on schedule.

Drones increase safety, save time and resources and fast-track surveying.

How can drones reduce the daily staff safety risks on my site?
Drones minimize the time spent inspecting hazardous areas such as exposed structures or sites, eliminating the need to put your people at risk. Aerial perspectives can also identify potential safety concerns and enable your managers to contain environmental hazards before they become costly and dangerous.

In the mining industry, you will know that there are daily risks to sending staff out on site.  Drone surveys are a much safer way to gather data and inspect job sites, whilst cutting down drastically on potentially hazardous risks and loss of production capacity.

The typical project runs frustratingly over budget, and behind schedule, right? Drones can help close the gap.

What kind of time saving can I expect?
A drone can map a 50 hectare job site in minutes, not even hours.  It can take a manned survey team up to one or two months to accomplish the same task, depending on the complexity of the site. This approach would not only require a large monetary investment but also potentially expose the survey team to significant error.  The mapping software used in conjunction with data collection drones allows you to map job sites with much greater precision.
Our company always flies out a team to inspect a site - how can a drone help us?
Traditionally, companies fly clients, developers, contractors and leadership to a site, and provide temporary living arrangements – something that takes up valuable time and can be costly. With a data collection drone, you can provide continuous progress updates to your clients without these additional costs. Also, since this allows for flyovers on an ad-hoc basis, you can offer current and potential customers fly-through videos and time lapse recordings of their project.

This no-cost experience of walking customers through the evolution of a project is almost equivalent to routinely taking them on-site. This will provide your clients with a welcome reassurance that everything is on track, and running smoothly.

We normally use LiDAR technology - can drone surveys offer a better solution?
LiDAR is not cheap, as a single large site can cost you up to six figures.  In contrast, six-figure budgets translate to several years of drone mapping with the same accuracy.
Our projects require a lot of contractual safety checks – how can that be addressed?
Instead of paying extra for safety checks upon random occurrences, you can use your continuously-updated reports to perform equivalent tasks with minimal risk.
Our projects routinely run over budget due to misjudged resource allocation – can a drone come to the rescue on this one?
While most excavation contractors charge by the truckload, they often misjudge the amount of material needed. By tracking actual earth movements via a commercial drone solution, you can easily double-check contractors’ numbers, compare them to the pace of different contractors and job sites, and ensure they are charging exactly for what their customers are getting and no more.

Use drone technology to keep an eye on your project and get it done on time and in budget.

You cannot manage (effectively) what you cannot measure (accurately)!

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